Q·sige, smart queue management system, is a web solution to manage waits, building customers loyalty, improving its satisfaction through the experience and the attention received.

What is Q·sige?

Q·sige, Smart queue management system, is a business platform to optimise customers flow.

What can Q·sige do?

Q·sige optimises customers attention, improves their experience, increases sales, attracts new customers and make them loyal.

How to implement Q·sige?

Q·sige uses standard hardware. Easily adaptable to every business, from the simplest to the most complex one. It is an innovative solution, flexible, scalable, and easy to instal.



You can have an APP for mobile devices and tablets from which your customers will be able to make prior appointments from anywhere, with no need to queue. Q·sige is at the forefront of digital technology and we want to facilitate your customers the access to your businesses without queues an waits.


Web appointment: It allows to select an appointment before the visit to the attention office. A receipt is sent by e-mail and a reminder the day before to the visit by SMS.

Agents or managers appointment: It allows appointments with a specific agent or manager.

Appointment for today: It allows to select an appointment for the same day up to two hours in advance before the visit.

Call centre appointment: To make an appointment by phone, no internet required.

Services appointment: It allows to select an appointment for a specific service.


Q·sige allows communication and dialogue with different platforms and customer applications in a natural and easy way which benefits synergies with other software products.

  • Improve of displays and improve the chances for facing new developments.
  • Better integration and flexibility.
  • Better applications design.
  • More robust applications.
  • Improves mobility solutions.
  • Mix architecture.


Big saving, due to its low maintenance cost.

Manager and monitor system have an assistant to set-up and customise the system in a guided way.

Fully integrated in the cloud, it responds to the current needs of multichannel and growth.

It uses cutting edge development methods.

Application focused to services, this means all the application can be integrated in customer´s applications.

Software communication: fast and with market standard services.

Simple data structure and easy to be fully integrated with customer´s data bases.

Very easy software distribution.

Powerful service.

System adapted in high access.

Easy versionate option.

Easy introduction of new developments.

More than 25 years of experience in big volume customers developments, including implementation and adaptation to customer´s applications.